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  • Add Interest to your Child Support Arrearages !
  • Adding interest to your back child support can increase the average principal balance by 25%
  • At National Child Support, the average principal balance placed for collection is $20,000. With interest added to the principal, the average total balance we pursue for our clients is $25,000

Under Federal and State Law you may be entitled to interest on the back child support the absent parent owes you !

Most government child support offices do not calculate or collect back interest on the unpaid child support that is owed to custodial parents like you. Even though, in most states, federal and state laws authorize you to receive this interest.

Just because the government offices do not pursue collection of your interest, you do not have to let it go uncollected! In most cases National Child Support can legally collect interest on your unpaid back support! The best news of all is that, this back interest you could possibly collect can offset all or most of the fees National Child Support charges for its nationwide child support collection service!

National Child Support cannot completely guarantee that we can collect back interest from the non-paying absent parent to offset all or part of our fee. However, please keep in mind that National Child Support has collected MILLIONS of dollars for parents just like you. Parents have been delighted to get their back child support paid off or begin receiving steady payments.