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Child Support Enforcement Council Member at last, the power to collect!

National Child Support is the nation's leading expert at helping parents collect delinquent child support. Since 1991, we've collected millions of dollars for tens of thousands of parents just like you.

Our success is based upon a very aggressive, yet professional, approach to collecting child support:
  • We do not charge any up front fees to collect delinquent child support. We're motivated to perform and only get paid when you do.
  • We continue to collect until your arrearage is paid in full.
  • Even if the child is now over 18, we can collect for you. Many states have no statute of limitations on collecting child support arrearages.
  • Even if your child support case has been "closed" by a government agency many times we can still collect for you.
  • Each case is assigned a collection specialist, supported by a client service representative, who is your personal contact for all your child support issues.
  • Our collection specialists maintain very low case loads, so as to pay adequate time and attention to your case.
  • National Child Support's nationwide network of attorneys provides your family a powerful collection tool. National Child Support reaches across state lines to any jurisdiction providing families the support they deserve. These litigation actions include income withholding, bank account and asset attachment, property foreclosures and contempt of court proceedings.   Based upon the millions of dollars we have collected over the years, National Child Support finds that legal action is only required in one out of every seventeen cases placed.  Therefore, there is only a 6% chance we will be required to prosecute your case.  However, should legal action become necessary, National Child Support will contact you for the signing of the appropriate affidavits, authorizations and forms.
  • In most states, National Child Support can collect interest on your case.
  • We operate state-of-the-art computer systems and cutting edge technology for collection.

Tens of thousands of parents, just like you, have turned to National Child Support for help in collecting their delinquent child support. National Child Support has collected millions of dollars for these families. These parents say it best.

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National Child Support has helped collect child support throughout the United States
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