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1. If my children are 18 years of age or older, I can never collect my back child support.

False! In many states, there is no statute of limitation (the time in which you can collect) on the collection of back child support. Even in the states where there is a statute of limitation, the period of time you can collect can be extended because each delinquent payment of child support is "automatically" a judgment. National Child Support has collected on cases 40 years old.

2. If a government child support office has closed my case, I can never try to collect my child support again.

False! Government child support offices have closed an estimated 50 million cases in the United States in the last seven years. Many of these cases were closed simply because the government office does not have the resources available to find the absent parent! Just because they no longer are working your case does not mean you are prohibited from attempting collection of the back support yourself. Unless a court has actually ruled that the absent parent no longer owes you any child support, you can still pursue your child support case (or have National Child Support pursue your child support case), even if a government child support office has closed your case.

3. I am required to go through a government office to collect my delinquent child support.

False! Although your payments of support may have to be routed through a government child support office (depending on your court order), you are free to hire a private company anytime you choose. The only exception is if you are currently on public assistance.

4. The amount of child support I receive can never be increased.

False! In most states, if the child support order can be changed by more than 10 percent (based upon the changing income of both parents), the child support order qualifies for modification. You have the ability to modify your order as many times as applicable until your child(ren) reach 18 years of age.

5. If National Child Support were hired to collect child support for me, I would be required to pay up front fees prior to any money being collected for me.

False! No up front fees are charged! You only pay if the company collects!

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