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National Child Support BBB Member
Child Support Enforcement Council Member a long history of helping kids

National Child Support is the nation's leading expert at helping parents collect delinquent child support. Since 1991, we've collected millions of dollars for tens of thousands of parents just like you.

We have a track record of success because we're geared to perform. We've served tens of thousands of parents, getting paid only when they do. This is the strongest incentive for us to perform. Our systems and procedures are all designed to find absent parents, secure child support orders and collect child support payments. National Child Support has a history of success even on the most difficult cases including self-employed and interstate cases.

We reach out to each parent, assigning a client service representative as the key point of contact. We're always there to provide friendly and sensitive counsel for questions, filling out forms or reporting on payments. We go out of our way to ensure that our clients are satisfied with our service, constantly kept in the loop and updated on all issues related to their case.

National Child Support speaks softly, but carries a big stick! When representing custodial parents, National Child Support treats each absent parent with the utmost care to preserve the parent-child relationship. But, we'll get as tough as needed and prosecute uncooperative absent parents to the fullest extent of the law. And we'll be there for you to be sure that child support payments continue, on-time and uninterrupted.

You can call us toll-free, anytime at 1-888-95-CHILD.  If you would like to get started immediately, click here.

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National Child Support has helped collect child support throughout the United States
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